The Eternal Quest for Truth

I am an independent researcher on a lifelong quest for Truth and the meaning of existence. From a young age I have been fascinated about the infinity of our Universe and the role of humanity in it. I have lived many lives, in many places, meeting many different people, with each new experience giving me new insights and challenges to overcome. It forced me to question myself and the world around me over and over and over. This heavily self-reflective process was initially prompted by a deep sense of Aquarian alienation and a failure to understand the apparent ease with which people in my environment were able to navigate the banality of everyday life. It was only years later, after a terrible descent through the darkest part of my Soul and after I managed to crawl back to the Light, that I was finally given my cathartic moment in the form of the Hermetic Principles and Natural Law. For the first time in my life, instead of more questions, I had answers. For the first time I was liberated from the burden of insignificance. I had found meaning, Truth and peace.

The discovery of Hermeticism was a cosmic climax following a year and a half of obsessive research that started with revelations about American imperialism – militarily and economically, the global monetary system, the history of the Middle-Eastern conflict and Zionism. This original awakening was then followed by an opening up to the spiritual nature of our reality and further inquiries into the architecture of control. This then lead me to the study of a wide variety of topics like revisionist history, psychology, philosophy, social engineering, mind-control, controlled opposition, the power elite, secret societies, mythology, symbolism, esotericism, magic, Tarot and other occult  traditions. Over the years this nonstop investigation has culminated into the development of an apophatic curriculum of truth discovery consisting of five interlocking levels:

1. The Illusion of Freedom
The War on Life
Element: EARTH
The first level covers the basics of how the empire of today, the modern Rome, is maintained by an “upper class” through the control of education, media, politics, corporations, resources, economics, war and the banking system. When perceived with a dialectical mindset, these systems are often generalized under the name capitalism and incorrectly seen as the only and ultimate scourge of humanity when in reality they are but tools of the so-called elite to gain and maintain control. Although a recognition of the impact of  usury and debt slavery is essential, it is still but the first step on the path. Money and power are not the same. This is an important distinction to be made.

2. Social Engineering and Mind Control
The War on Heart
Element: WATER
This second level explores a much deeper and subtle way of control: the psychological manipulation of the masses through social engineering, the creation of sub -and counter cultures and the use of controlled opposition. In today’s world these tactics are mainly employed under the guise of ecological, humanitarian and socialist ideologies. Also the impact of intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6 and Mossad fall under this category, as well as brainwashing and mind control programs. 

3. The History of the New World Order
The War on Body
Element: FIRE
The third level dives into the history of the power structures in our world today. Who are the groups and families that are really in control behind the scenes? What are their bloodlines, allegiances and religions? Where did they originate? Which (ancient) ideologies do they adhere to? And how have they maintained their control over humanity throughout the centuries? 

4. Secret Societies and Hidden Knowledge
The War on Mind
Element: AIR
Once the structure of the visible is established, the machinations of the invisible need to be revealed. Behind every evil king stands a wicked priest(ess), behind every dark pharaoh a conjuring hierophant, chuckling and rubbing his hands as he lets his naive golems do the dirty work for him. It is these men and women that hide in the shadows of the temple court who sway the real scepter of power and are the true puppeteers of the world’s stage. The influence of secret societies, in all its variations, has been a determining factor in the world and continues to be so to this day. By occulting the Universal knowledge about the microcosm and the macrocosm of the human race and its suspicious origins these cults maintain a significant power differential and continue to enslave humanity.

5. Natural Law, Symbolism and the Occult
The War on Consciousness
No understanding of our inner or outer world can be complete without a study of the occult and no understanding of the occult can be complete without the study of the Hermetic Principles, Natural Law and its moral consequences. This is the ultimate step, the last threshold, as it is “the key that unlocks all the locks, on all the doors to all the cages.” Additionally, symbolic and etymological literacy is required to unveil how the destiny of humanity has been steered by invisible forces for millennia. 

It is my belief that when you have a sufficient understanding of these five levels, you will be liberated from the chains of mediocre and meaningless existence. By this knowledge you will gain the ability to make better choices, take real affirmative action and overall change your life for the better. And if you wish to do so, you will be able to have a fundamental and positive impact on our society as you have the tools to manifest change on the plane of causation instead of the plane of effects. This is my motivation, my vocation and my dedication. By uncovering the mechanisms that hold human consciousness back I wish to inspire and empower my fellow human beings so they may discover their True Selves and their purpose in life. One soul at a time. In doing so I hope that one day, when I leave this world I will have left it a little better than I have found it.

May the Truth set us free.


Parallel Heimat