Sacred Coffee by a Wonder Woman in Colombia

Of all the people I’ve met through the years I’ve never known anyone who had as much strength and willpower as my dear friend Klara Jarova. We first met 7 years ago at a party and gradually got closer. Though we each went our own way, throughout the years we have followed a similar path in our awakening process. A path that involved difficult relationships, traveling, medicinal plants and truth seeking. Like me, she is strongly convinced of the inherent right to freedom for all living beings and her life is dedicated to those principles. To this day she remains a great inspiration for me.

About four years ago she set out to realize her dream: making a life for herself in South-America. After 6 months of traveling she met a couple from which she bought some land and one of the greatest adventures of her life started. With next to no construction experience and only a little tent she started building her own little house on a mountain ridge, about an hour from Medellin, Colombia. To get the material to her land she literally had to drag it down from the other side of the mountain, over a river and back up the mountain to her spot. For more than a year she defied the natural elements. Rain storms, heat and insects were daily challenges she faced while slowly but steadily building her house.

During this adventure she also met the man that would become her husband and the father of her child, an archeologist who specializes in traditional instruments. From then on her time was divided between Medellin, where her husband lived, and her little house in the mountains. However, because of the pregnancy the couple decided to look for a home that would be more convenient to raise a child. Eventually they stumbled upon a large coffee plantation in Jerico, about three hours away from Medellin. And so it happened that this Wonder Woman, almost overnight, became a coffee farmer.

Now, after a whole year of hard work and learning about growing and processing coffee, she can finally present her very own brand. SAGRADO (Sacred) is a 100% organically produced coffee, straight from the Colombian mountains. The couple has big plans for this project and hopes to sell it in South-America as well as in Europe and Belgium. True to their principles Klara and her husband are doing everything they can to produce the coffee as naturally as possible. Not a simple task in a world where farmers are not being supported to farm organically and using pesticides is the cheapest option. That is why it’s so important for them to export and sell their product directly to the buyer. It allows them to bypass the monopoly of greedy multinationals and get right prices for their coffee, which can then be reinvested. In this way they are able to continue producing their coffee organically and supporting the local community.

Of course I wish her and her husband all the best. I hope this project will be a succes and that it will inspire many others to follow their dreams. May the gods be with you Klarita. Always…

Below you can find a video that a friend of hers made while visiting their farm.


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