Archetypes, Symbols and the Universe

Tarot, when combined with its related esoteric traditions: numerology, astrology and Kaballah, is probably the most developed system known to man for the understanding of consciousness. It is the ultimate archive of archetypes and the knowledge it contains dates back to Atlantean times. The images and symbols depicted on the cards represent Universal (Hermetic) principles that speak to our subconscious mind and give us a direct connection to the source of Creation. By examining the Tarot we gain a deeper understanding of the cycles of nature and existence, both on a micro -and macrocosmic scale.

We live in a Universe of infinite possibility where both destiny and free will exist. On the one hand our souls are guided on a return journey back to Source, but at the same time, within the bounds of Natural Law, we have the ability to make choices that will influence this odyssey. Hence, our actions do have consequences, for better or for worse, and by understanding the causes and possible effects of our behavior we can align ourselves more with the flow of destiny. A Tarot reading can be of great assistance in this process.

The first card of the Rider Waite Tarot: 0. The Fool

A Tarot Reading: The Path of Your Soul

I am not a psychic nor a soothsayer. The way I approach Tarot is as a spiritual scientist. I see it as a means to investigate the energies that are influencing you and discover unknown or unclear challenges and opportunities. In this way you can better decide whether you’re on the right track in your life or if you have to make changes to certain aspects of it. A Tarot reading is a vision of a possible future and provides suggestions on how to deal with it.

I offer different kinds of readings depending on the question of the client but my main spread is called ‘The Path of your Soul’. In this spread I use the Kaballistic Tree of Life to determine your soul’s journey throughout your life. It is a cosmic map viewed from different standpoints, like past, present and future, internal and external modes of behavior, relationships and so on. 

The Kaballistic Tree of Life

Next to the Tarot reading itself, I also have a basic look at your astrological birth chart and the etymology of your name. Each reading can be followed by a moment of counseling. After the reading I write a report so you can have another look at your reading at a later time. You can download an example of a report below (Dutch). 

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