Parallel Heimat – Keys to the New World Order and the Secret History of the Human Race, Second Edition (English)

This booklet was my very first written effort to share information about the secrets of humanity. It is an extensive collection of Youtube video’s, websites and books that constitute an introduction in three chapters to the history and workings of the powers that secretly run the world: 1. THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM, through the deception of government, religion, banking and culture. 2. THE HISTORY AND FUTURE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER specifically goes into the history and plans of the (secret society) networks that hold the real power in this world and also touches upon their alleged extra-terrestrial origins. 3. HERMETICS & OCCULT KNOWLEDGE reveals the actual knowledge itself that these millennia old networks hide from humanity in order to control us.

Parallel Heimat – Keys to the New World Order, Secret History and the Occult (English)

The pdf-file of my full, 8 hour presentation ‘Keys to the New World Order, Secret History and the Occult. This 2018 presentation, consisting of 146 slides and weighing 102 MB, is a visualization of and further elaborates on the information I collected in the booklet ‘Keys to the New World Order and the Secret History of the Human Race’. It was also from this structure that I developed my apophatic curriculum into the five level system that it is today.

Parallel Heimat – Climategate 10 (and a half) Years Later: Ten Points That Prove Man Made Climate Change is the Biggest Scam in Modern History (English)

This small book is the result of 5 years of gradually intensifying research into the phenomenon of Anthropogenic Global Warming, or simply man-made global warming, and it is part of a much larger project about the secret history of socialism (see below). It exposes the fraudulent science, the manipulation of data, the corruption of the IPCC, the  smearing of skeptic scientists, the corporate interests, the billions of dollars that are behind this so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and its end goal: the centralization of global power under the United Nations.

In progress. Target date: Spring 2020. Will be available online for free.

Parallel Heimat – Symbolen en Magische Principes in het Dagelijks Leven (Dutch)

This book will be written in Dutch and gives a very brief introduction to the different aspects of symbols and how they (subliminally) influence our everyday life. First I explore the heraldry of the royal houses of Europe, their ‘secret’ history and its relation to contemporary institutions of power. Secondly I explain some magical principles, their influence and how they are used in the world. Thirdly I have a look at the different ways symbolism and etymology are used in media, entertainment etc…

In progress. Target date: Summer 2020.

Parallel Heimat – Communis Conspiratio: De Verborgen Geschiedenis van het Socialisme en de Agenda van de Verenigde Naties (Dutch)

A large book, also written in Dutch, and the first part of what one day should become a three part series covering the whole of my apophatic curriculum that I explain in more detail on the ‘About’ page on this website. It is essentially a rewriting of 500 years of Western history and traces back the ideological origins of socialism to the first communes in the late Middle Ages, the humanists during the Renaissance and the Aristotelian mortalism of the Republic of Venice. In the 1700’s these ideas were transplanted to central Europe and further disseminated in its most corrupted form by the Bavarian Illuminati and their ‘Enlightenment’. It were these same Illuminists who instigated the terror of the French Revolution and the establishment of the first ‘Paris Commune’. After France, these master manipulators, backed by the East India Companies, plunged the rest of Europe into the Age of Revolution, ultimately spawning the monster named communism that would take the lives of over 100 million people throughout the world. Then, by the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century a new branches of communism developed through the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. This was the advent of a much more subtle dissemination of socialist philosophies through fifth column tactics and the infiltration of Western institutions and culture. This gradualist technique would lead to the creation of The London School of Economics, The Labour Party, Critical Theory, political correctness, postmodernism, the 50’s and 60’s counter culture movement, the League of Nations and eventually the United Nations. It is under the guise of this so-called benevolent global organization that the elite aim to further centralize their power and install a One World Government. In recent decades the main excuses for this power play have been mass immigration and man-made global warming, conveniently two global problems that, of course, require global solutions. However all these utopian promises of equality and liberty are nothing else but a cover for tyranny. Socialism has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because just in the same way that corporatism pays you just enough money to keep you slaving for the system, the welfare state gives you just enough support to keep you happy with your misery. It is fascism disguised as humanism.

In progress. Target date: 2022.