A letter to My Friends: When did Revolutions Become Televised?

“I want our citizens to know that we are doing our very best to provide life safety to ALL of our citizens throughout these challenging times. We can replace vehicles, we can rebuild businesses, we can rebuilt homes; we shouldn’t have to, but what we can’t replace are lives. And lives are the most important things that we safeguard. As the Mayor mentioned, we had a lot of violence that has occurred. Many of the people have been injured due to protester on protester violence. I’ll read that again. Protester on protester violence. The man shot last night was shot by a protester.” 

– Richmond, Virginia Police Chief Will Smith –

Well, A lot is going on these days, isn’t it?
And all of it seems to be on a global scale…

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I think it is best to be careful with supporting this revolutionary fever that has now taken over. Injustice can trigger strong emotional reactions that are legitimate but can also be used to manipulate and socially engineer (the) people. I don’t know if you realize that these riots and looting are detrimental to the lives of both white and black people and that there is much more solidarity than we are being told. Did you know that Black Lives Matter and Antifa essentially operate as proxy armies for leftist billionaires like George Soros, to instigate some sort of ‘race war’, though most of its members and supporters are unaware of this. I estimate that about 90% of all ‘revolutions’ or ‘coups’ are in some way funded and / or instigated by the power elite to create chaos and destruction amongst the people and destroy their livelihoods. Gotta control that opposition, right?

That doesn’t make the death of George Floyd any less horrific of course. I also don’t believe it was fake as a few people have claimed. I think that, knowing that if these systemic racist incidents happen on a daily basis, which to a degree seems likely – although I’m very skeptical about structural racism in the US because it ignores that white people suffer in this imploding police state as well, it is an interesting coincidence that this is now suddenly surfacing again at the end of this corona scamdemic, when people are at their most vulnerable and emotionally unstable. Not unsurprisingly, there are reports saying that dubious figures: people from other US states and possibly even police, are provoking the riots. Not a word about this in the mainstream media that is reporting the traditional, political correct narratives. And when did revolutions become televised anyway?

In the end, stoking the flames of racial hatred, as the media and the political left are now doing so enthusiastically, ultimately serves no one. Despite what left-wing activists claim, studies have shown that riots, violence and looting usually trigger an electoral backlash that bolsters conservative political parties – as occurred with the election of Richard Nixon following the 1968 riots. In the ultimate irony, it could well turn out that the looters now stealing TVs and beating up old women will only succeed in re-electing Donald Trump.

Robert Hutchinson, Taking a Closer Look at Black Lives Matter

In my opinion it is highly unlikely that a violent revolution can serve as a foundation for a positive and fundamental change in society. Of course, when you are accosted with violence you have the right to defend yourself or expect justice for the harm that is done to you, but this mayhem has nothing to do with any of that. All this chaos will achieve is frustration, fear, hate, aggression, trauma, suspicion, division, disillusion and more excuses for the architects of control to implement their totalitarian dictatorship. Problem + Reaction + Solution x Divide and Conquer = Control.

If tomorrow all of us would start focusing on creating change in our own lives, instead of always wanting to change the world, I believe many of our problems would be much quicker resolved. Before anything lasting can grow, first and foremost, we need a Revolution of the Soul. When we plant our own seeds, for ourselves and those around us, then, maybe one day, we shall reap the fruit of freedom we all long for. 

Be well

Parallel Heimat

P.S.: I wonder how they manage social distancing during these worldwide protests. Are they all being fined now?
P.P.S.: Did you notice the Police Chief’s name is Will Smith? 🙂

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