I am a Uranian rebel on an interstellar ride
I am the one who wanders in the dark of night

I am the Hermes of shadows that deep down hide
I am the unwanted messenger who choses no side

I am the Aquarian revealer and Pluto the redeemer

I am the scales of Ma’at who weigh but do not judge
I am the one who carefully deconstructs

I am Apophasis the harsh voice of reason
I am Agape your Lover if needed

I am uncomfortable truth that stings and bites
I am Thor’s thunder when his hammer strikes

I am at war with lies and inauthentic lives
I am compassion when it applies

I am the True Self that you deny
I am your Inner Child that can not die

I am the last days of Winter
I am the waxing Moon
I am the herald of a new age coming soon

I am the Black Sun and your Arcturian guide
I am your celestial companion on a quest for Eternal Light

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