The Hanged Man

When entering the Valley of the Gods

His soul is measured
His heart is weighed
Against Ma’at’s feather
Whose Laws he must obey

A mere mortal
Trembling at first sight
At the treshhold of Hades’ portal
Faced with such mountainous might

Here are no titles
Here are no names
Here only the True Self is awarded fame

In this realm where ghosts and shadows reign
Only the Light of the Hermit remains

And with only the power of Will retained
Humbly he must jump the leap of Faith
For he knows in the Abyss
The snake of Wisdom awaits

May he kiss the lips of Isis
May his efforts be not in vain
May The Great Mother once more
Grant him passage to a higher plane

Carrying him from her kingdom
To his crown of thorns
From her nurturing womb
He must return reborn

This is the hero’s journey
The path of the Fool
This is the shamanic Way

Through spheres of Creation
Cycles of regeneration
Into a new day

Or a mere mortal he shall stay

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