The Wheel

As the cold of winter falls upon us.
We are forced to look inside.
Into the depths of our psyche
To work in the shadows
To face our demons present and past
Fear not for these are the cycles of Nature
The beauty of decay is that it destroys to create
As the darkness sets in and the long night begins
Death the inevitable arrives
But in it are the roots of new beginnings
As the wheels of time are spun again
Do not let commotion and unrest distract you from the Truth
You are not in control of the Universe
You have to align yourself with it
Dig deep into your soul
Embrace the darkness and make it conscious
For in the cave of the subconscious lies the Key
There you will find your Inner Light
A time of opportunity
For flowers will blossom once more
The seeds we plant in spring will be fruits in summer
So ponder all this wonder
Because from the ashes of winter Fire will burn
From the dirt Life will return

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